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Discover an Unusual Method to Make a Six-Figure Income by Collecting Autographs of Celebrities and Historical Figures.

  • In 2000 a signed James Dean photo cost $2400, in 2015 it is worth $27,000
  • In 2000 a signed Fidel Castro photo cost $490, in 2015 it is worth $5,950
  • In 2000 a signed Muhammad Ali photo cost $380, in 2015 it is worth $2,930
  • In 2000 a signed George Harrison photo cost $290, in 2015 it is worth $5,640

Now it's your turn to own a piece of History!

own a piece of history

Here are some basic facts about collecting autographs

Average return rate on collectible autographs within a 5-year period
Returns on your savings in the bank within a 5-year period (assuming 1% pa interest rate)

Quality autographs grow 13% in value each year.

Most autographs grow in value much more than the interest in your bank account. Some selected autographs can fetch a huge profit, much more than 13%, but not all autographs are equal in value and appreciation. On average autographs gain about 13% year on year. That's 1200% more than what most banks will offer.

You don't have to be rich to start collecting autographs.

It is a common myth that you have to be rich to collect autographs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, indeed you need money if you want to invest in collectible items of known and collected personalities, such as Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, John Paul II, etc.

Many valuable signatures can be obtained for free.

When it comes to autograph collecting many people immediately assume that one needs a lot of money to start. The fact is that many valuable signatures can be obtained for free! We will show you exactly how to do it and advise on best practices.

You can start to build your collection at any age.

One of the greatest things about collecting autographs is that one can start to build a collection at any age. In fact, in many cases it is easier to get an autograph if you're young on account of your passion and keen interest.

Autographs can be collected as a pastime activity.

There are many professional collectors whose revolves purely on collecting and selling autographs. However, you can also build a very valuable and meaningful collection by simply doing this in your spare time. Most professional collectors also started collecting as a hobby.

You can do this from any location in the world.

You can collect autographs from any location in the world. It doesn't matter if you reside in New York, Moscow, or Casablanca. Even if you live in a very remote village in Ireland, if you have access to the Internet or post, you too can be successful.

Anyone can succeed and build a valuable collection.

Literally anyone can succeed and build a valuable collection over time that will reap huge profits when finally sold. When it comes to collecting autographs there is no age, status, or gender barrier. If you follow our guide and advice you will definitely make a good profit.

Autograph collections are immune to recessions.

Regardless of the political or economic situation significant autographs will never lose in value. History shows that collectible autographs have gained in value much more during recessions than during periods of financial calm or upheavals.

Autographs are much less targeted by thieves.

Not many thieves recognize the true value of collectible autographs and unless your collections are proudly exhibited on your living room walls, it's very unlikely they will be stolen in a burglary. Of course your collections can also be insured.

Autographs can diversify your existing investment portfolio.

If you already invest in financial markets or properties consider also collectible autographs as a means of securing your future profits. Autographs will diversify your existing portfolio and they are very easily managed.
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